Welcome to Green Medicine.

My name is Akilah, and I live in Knowle West, Bristol. Through Green Medicine I want to share my knowledge about the healing power of plants. I hope to promote a different way of thinking about illness. We don’t always need to visit a doctor or a chemist for many common ailments; sometimes the answer might be growing in our own back gardens.

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  • About me.

    For many years I have mostly used aromatherapy and a few medicinal plants and found it to be very successful.

  • Akilah's Forum

    My mantra is that we should share knowledge as we get it. Please share your own experiences and advice on medicinal plant qualities here.

  • Natural Remedies

    People depended on natural remedies a long time ago. They used to go to herbalists who were looked on as the modern doctor.

  • Common ailments

    As a learning practioner with over 20 years experience, I have gathered knowledge about a number of medicinal plants which could be useful in your green medicine cabinet.

  • In your garden

    Many plants with medicinal properties can be found growing in the wild, you may even have some in your own back garden!

  • Other services

    Green Medicine is a Knowle West Carbon Makeover campaign. There are currently three other Carbon Makeover Campaigns.